Based: Johannesburg

Eco Groove is South Africa’s only sustainable instrumental ensemble. Formed and based in Johannesburg, South Africa,Eco Groove uses ONLY recycled materials to make of their uniquely hand-crafted musical equipment.

Recycled Glass Bottles, Wine Glasses, PVC Pipes, Wood and Plastic are all used to perform well known songs from yester year and chart toppers from today. All expertly and uniquely arranged to for nothing that has been seen before!

Our mission is to demonstrate the importance of recycling and sustainability through music.

Eco Groove would begin the session with a 10 min performance, featuring medleys of easily recognizable songs, using a variety of different ‘upcycled’ instruments. After which, Andrew, Eco Groove founder and performer,would introduce the brand and the instruments, briefly discussing the manufacturing process and how the instrument works, building a song in the process.After this section, Andrew will speak for 5 minutes on the importance of sustainability and recycling as well as tying into the overall message and theme of your event. This will segway into Eco Groove inviting some of the audience members to join the band onstage to perform with upcycled percussion instruments that they will be given and directed to use. This begins the 10 mins audience member and audience interactive section of the performance.

Once completed, Eco Groove will wrap up with a final medley. Duration of performance 45-1 hour. (Client’s request)