Based: Johannesburg

Dj Tlangz
Afrobeat, House (Tech, Afro, Deep) & Amapiano

Last night a Dj saved my Life’ is a quote that Dj Tlangz can relate to in a lot of way. From a young age she has always been intrigued by how Djs have the ability to captivate an audience and just through music they manage to get their audiences to have the best time of their lives.

As the founder of Entertainment SA (An Entertainment & Lifestyle online Magazine) Dj Tlangz has always being passionate about the Entertainment and Music industry. She has worked alongside some of the best artists / djs in the music industry in SA through her online publication. As much as she hasn’t always been on the fore- front as an Artist / DJ, she has a great understanding of what the industry entails and how working hard and smart can take one to the next level.

The spike in interest to music started back in her varsity years, Dj Tlangz was always interested in the art of keeping an audience captured through the skill Djying. As a student then she had the obligation of focusing on what was more important (her studies) as expected, so she put her love for music and being a DJ on hold while she worked on her Academic achievements.

They say if its meant for you it will always be part of your path one way or another. Fast forward years later the interest was sparked yet again and this time around Dj Tlangz was ready and willing to go on the journey of what music could potentially do for her and where it can take her and since then, she has been steadily building her career as a Female Dj.

Known as the party starter, latest hot tracks provider to her peers / family, tireless promoter and meticulous organizer, DJ Tlangz has played at some of the well known Clubs / Lounges in SA. You can also find her behind the turntables at weddings, private engagements, and corporate events

As an astute business women who has years of experience in the Media / Entertainment industry Dj Tlangz understands the importance of catering to her followers / audience as a results she always works on challenging her self in becoming one of the best Female Djs in the industry

Her captivating sound spans the eras and blends genres of body-rockin’music; she can seamlessly segue from Afrobeat, House and Amapiano Music with ease.

Her love for music and people makes it easier for her to relate to her audiences and enjoy the journey she has embarked on to become one of the best female djs in SA

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