Based: Johannesburg

Soweto-born DJ Milkshake aka Kagiso Milkshake has become a household name on Jozi’s entertainment scene.

All because he is mixing it up on a multicultural level and providing party goers all-round great entertainment – although his specialty is hip hop and R&B, he is known to spice it up by taking great tunes from music across all genres, making him popular with music lovers and party animals from all walks of life.
“Yes, my genres are hip hop and R&B, but I am inspired by music genres across the board. Mixing it up allows me to play at almost any type of gig and that excites me. My ultimate dream is to play live in front of a global audience,” he says. With his extensive knowledge in computers and gadgets, this diverse DJ is quite the techno-head, and it’s this skill that gives him the extra edge when it comes to seamlessly mixing various genres of music with total ease. DJ Milkshake’s career began when he helped create the WITS DJ’s Society, where he quickly became one of the Campus’ favourite DJs when it came to playing at events and at some of Jozi’s more exciting inner-city night clubs.

During this period he gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience while working alongside big name DJs, the likes of Ready-D and DJ Fresh, to name but a few. DJ Fresh says, “if you need to get a party started, then Milkshake is your man. He is a permanent guest (one of only a handful) on my radio show coz he really brings it. Whether commercial or straight up keeping it real Hip hop, Milkshake never lets up.” DJ Milkshake can be seen playing at some of the country’s leading social events and he has appeared on a number of radio and television shows over the last five years. His passion for music cultivated by his ambition to be the hottest entertainer on the block is what drives him to continue to perform at such a high level, successfully – “DJing is my passion outside of everything else,” he states. Coupled with his dynamic personality and all-round flexibility, he is not only known to stir things up on the party scene but is also about to ride the wave of stardom. Whatever the flavour, DJ Milkshake is the new name to drop.