Based: Cape Town

Eclectic/ House/ Lounge

Dear Comrade

Thank you for receiving this letter of introduction.

Here at the Imperial House we have been working tirelessly on strategizing covert performances and Guerilla Gigs through the guise of the most influential persona in the 1stcorps, the renowned Advisor to the state, DJ INVIZABLE.

This mythical being who travelled from a distant highland tribe and never speaks in tongue, has been on guard at the front line commanding the sound of Gazelle. Now the Advisor has taken to the podium with a revolutionary DJ performance,  incorporating live instruments, featured MC’s and the latest in audio hardware weaponry.

The man behind the mask, Nick Matthews, who originates from Cape Town,South Africa, has been a professional DJ and producer for over the last decade. His experience and ability to crossover musical genre has taken him to many different audiences around the world and his work has been widely acclaimed in spheres of his local music industry. Nick has also carved a niche for himself in a very specialized sphere of live performance where he combines his production with musicians and live acts such as Gazelle.