Based: Uganda

Spin Master winner and the newly signed talent to Talent 256. Aludah started Deejaying alongside his brother John Kizza a.k.a John Smart at Najjanakumbi based Sax Hotel. He started playing for the Home Boyz in Kenya for about 5 months and in June 2009 he moved back to Uganda. Aludah started professional DJ in 2009.

When he moved back, DJing in Uganda was still very low/weak. It was actually interesting DJs could actually sabotage themselves, messing with the sound. He actually remembers of a time when he was playing in a club and the other DJ pulled out the sound cables. Djs here fear for the jobs because they have to develop talent. Now we have the influence on International DJs i.e. Dj Benny D, DJ Pinye from Kenya who have come in with the talent and changed the game, now DJ have a following, people can go to a club because of a DJ and the DJs are starting to step up.

Aludah got his break-through at a Dj showcase at Kyoto. This showcase went on for 3 consecutive weeks. This showcase was basically for Djs showing their talent not competing. When he won Pilsner’s Spin Master, it was a good experience got him publicity and earned him recognition.