Based: Cape Town

DeVille is a fresh collaboration between electric violinist Caitlin; and DJ/Producer Vaughan. With the ability to blend seamlessly into any event, they create the ideal soundscape for your social sundowners or bring that perfect vibe to your corporatechill. DeVille delivers the ultimate in laid-back sophistication. A 2016  trend in requests to have Caitlin improvise over DJs lead to the realisation that; whilst the concept was great in practice the collaborations were too random, lacked chemistry and didn’t allow Caitlin to musically perform to the fullest of her abilities. The potential however was undeniable. After much experimentation  Caitlin & Vaughan created a visually engaging act with a strong musical core. Their music is firmly rooted in the everpopular deep house sound, specifically the supermelodic chill out and tropical variations that skyrocketed into the mainstream in 2015. Expect the latest houseremixes of international radio hits & the best of the current underground infused with a hypnotic electric violin performance.