Digital Media. Marketing. Strategy

Based: Cape Town

My work as a facilitator and speaker sits at the intersection of digital trends, marketing, and leadership. I’ve given talks and hosted workshops on the ground in 25 countries across industries and sectors.

These are the broad themes I speak on.

  • Marketing: Strategic Communications, Marketing, Brand Building, Social Media & Digital.

  • Story: Storytelling & Storymaking, Working with Narrative.

  • Trends: Tech Truths, Trends and Trifles. I’m always interested in sensing and aligning productively with what’s coming next rather than being daunted by change.

  • Community Growth: Advocacy, Movement Marketing, Online Engagement Strategy, Conversational Momentum, Community Activation.

  • Digital Leadership: Leading a Virtual Team, Building a Culture Intentionally, Working with Integrity, Scaling Your Mission.

  • Strategic Communications: B2B Marketing, Lobbying, Account-Based Marketing, Stakeholder Mapping, Sales & Marketing Integration, Digital Sales & Direct Marketing.