Based: Johannesburg

Christopher Jaftha has it all going for him. His career is on the rise as the new presenter on Top Billing. He is as good looking in real life as he is on TV and 4 movies under his belt – Leo better watch his back! He is also on a first name basis with Denzel Washington, so basically he is really living it up! When he agreed to sit down with JoziGist at Tashas in Rosebank for an interview it was a mix of excitement and panic.

When you meet Chris, he is disarmingly charming and makes a conversation so easy; he is kind, charismatic and humble. He is the kind of person you ask for 1 answer and he gives you a minimum of 3. He really can’t help himself; his boundless energy and dazzling smile make him hard to stop so you let him get away with it!