Based: Cape Town

Comic book Superheroes in the early 80’s were the height of fascination for kids all around the world. It is something that has boundless potential scenarios that can assimilate with the classic style, story and nostalgia that these kind of illustrations and characters conjure. Essentially the ethos it to create conceptual performances,  based around an epic “Xi-Fi” story and to iconify the brand and the characters through media styled to this identity.

As in all classic comic book stories there are many characters that develop the plot through the proposed “Episodes”.

• The Musical performance would based around characters based in a Xi-FI universe to tie into the events and their individual stories through a multi track album depicting a struggle between good and evil.
• This can be expanded on by the backstory of DJ INVIZABLE’s past and history of relationships with the other characters.
• The first album or “Episode” will detail the “origin story” of the characters and would be an introduction to the Champions of the Sonarverse universe

It is important to understand that this BASOTHO “Xi-Fi” superhero story revolves around music- EPIC battles happen with musical instruments. The entire mythos of the story is referenced first and
foremost via musical and sonic imagery.
• There are several “tongue in cheek” facts in our saga (the whole earth has only one continent – Africa-esque, called Azania), to add definitive style to the story and its characters. This is XI-FI, firmly
routed in a truly unique African mythology.
• In this story we also deal with big themes like: Greed, Unification of Nations and cultures, death and rebirth. Please note NO LOVE STORY. It is intently written to entice an audience with a short
attention span with fast pace, incredible (and creative) visuals with music, all with the theme of Africa as another planet in our galaxy.

The Idea is that the saga is broken into 10 distinct and short pieces that are reflected in the 10 tracks of the album, and, ultimately 10 music videos which can be listened/ watched back to back.
Each episode will have a specific story complete with banging endings and beginnings. Two Computer chips from another universe end up on a planet called Azania. Specifically in the region of the ‘Sky Kingdom’, Basotholand (Lesotho). The ruling nation of the Earth is greedy and forces Basotholand to give them their gold. In the process, one of the computer chips called n1c learns through life on earth, the importance and meaning of emotion. A planetary disaster personified as a bass wielding Admiral, threatens the whole Earth, and all the nations unite to combat the threat.
The Admiral uses weapons of sonic mass destruction and the only way to combat him, is through the use of the computer chip, who gains the name DJ INVIZABLE. The chip teams up with various other characters to form the ultimate team, to combat the enemy.

The Characters
The main protagonist. Its a computer chip named n1c and was created in a parallel universe where Artificial Intelligence has long ago surpassed the natural biological evolution of the planet. Over
there it is seen as ‘the first robotic saint’ since it transcends the limitations of silicone calculation.  After being banned from his home world, he learns to feel emotions and be truly creative, through saving a little planet called Azania in a parallel universe.
Fascinating Antagonist that has been alive for eons. Master of lower frequencies (the Bassist). Travels in a Bassonator ship that channels signals from a Pulsar (who AA is intrinsically linked to) that can destroy a planet. Like the Egoli’s he is also constantly looking for gold, to expand his golden army. The whole of episode 3 is dedicated to this character. Will he even be defeated? He is in fact much more powerful than anything in the solar system surrounding Azania.

THE SHADOW (The Alter Ego)
The Shadow was sent to retrieve/destroy n1c when he shifted his frequency to a parallel dimension. On this mission the computer chip calculated (the same as n1c) that they have stumbled upon a brand new field of research – Azania. Therefore the shadow keeps an eye out for n1c and reports on their movements back to their home planet.  The Shadow wields a Jackson “Flying V” guitar with numerous pedals to battle Admiral Anarchy and his Golden Army.  Although the shadow is the catalyst for import events to happen, his personality remains largely a mystery to the audience

The Sangoma
The Sangoma brings the entire story into perspective. She interprets a vision she had from her ancestors and relates the Champions of the Sonarverse through traditional story telling and is
the only earthly link to the the Computer Chip, N1C.

COMPUTER GENERAL (The Commander of the Maluti Armed Forces) The Computer General is high up in the army of the Basothos. He is personal friends with the King as well as the Sangoma. He is wise, experienced and would rather avoid conflict to stop harm to any creature. This character is absolutely vital in the development of DJ Invizable and the events that unfold.  His special powers are his bravery as well as his voice and percussion set. In the parallel world where n1c comes from, the Computer General is highly revered.