Based: Cape Town

Carla Louw Music, a fun-loving, traveling artist known for jazz & catchy vocal melodies that are imbued with the sunshine and folky rhythm of the mellow tropics. This is who you get if you want misty-eyed smiles at your ceremony and shy kisses on the dancefloor. It’s cuteness and quirk with a dash of romance, all tied together with a golden thread of joy, optimism, and good vibes.
Carla has travelled the globe to play everything from nuptials and markets, to alternative music events in Namibia, Bali, the Philippines and France, as well as Germany and the Netherlands. They are available to travel worldwide, and offer a variety of performance packages that can be adapted to suit your needs.
Uplifting Cocktail set of those popular song from 1920-2020 done & re-imagined in a way only Carla can.