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Based: Canada

Futurist Buhle Dlamini runs his own training and development company, Young and Able, which provides a comprehensive range of services to holistically develop the entrepreneur who works in their own business or in corporate SA – showing them new ways of relating, of succeeding, of doing business and of looking at the “World of Work” in a new and innovative light.

Until recently Buhle was a network associate of the dynamic consultancy TomorrowToday.biz made-up of South Africa’s leading Futurists.

He now divides his time between his professional speaking and consulting work and his role of media liaison and project manager for the SABC’s Heartlines Values Initiative – an innovative TV series on Values. As well as having a solid understanding of people development and human dynamics, Buhle’s natural energy and powerful presentation style insures that he connects at all levels within the organization.

Owning the Future
The future of individual and business success is very different from anything we have experienced before. The accelerated changes in politics, technology, management, leadership, demographics and economics are altering the look and pace of business. Individuals and businesses that are prepared will prosper and own the future while the unprepared will flounder. This presentation looks at what it will take to own the future by using today’s information and trends to project the future status quo. It is delivered in an entertaining way using multi-media.

The Understanding of the Generation Gap is an important part of Owning the Future, while understanding other social trends is a must too for teams. Keys to owning the future that are explored are:
1.   Optimizing Your Most Important Asset
2.   Geared To The Changing Values – Generation Gap
3.   Becoming Future-Smart
4.   Getting Clarity Over Facts
5.   Creating Your Desired Future

It is delivered in an entertaining way using multi-media. Inspiring, eye-opening, practical and full of ideas you can walk out and apply immediately.

Owning The Future is a must for organisations and individuals that are serious about being at the forefront and leading the wave of the new economy. While it gives a very strategic and futurist message, it is also light in style. Inspiring, eye-opening, practical and full of ideas you can walk out and apply immediately.


“Buhle has the ability to captivate his audience – he is fresh, entertaining and his talk was informative and really hit home with our delegates!  Highly recommended!”
Sue Naidoo, Internal Communications Consultant, Old Mutual Corporate

“From our International platform of leading speakers, Buhle Dlamini received the highest ratings.  Thanks Marie for telling us about Buhle and for securing him for our annual ICT Summit!”
Christiane Fendler, ICT Network Solutions Architect, Telecom Namibia

“Everybody’s talking about Buhle’s presentation. His solid business message set a high standard for our entire conference!”
Esmé van der Merwe, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Exxaro Resources Ltd

“A thought provoking and insightful presentation delivered in a very powerful way. Buhle’s gift is connecting to his audience in a very authentic and down to earth manner. Hugely enjoyable, and highly recommended.”
Anthony Leon, GM, BP SA

“Brilliant presentation. Buhle’s presentation met our expectations, was pitched at the right level, and was very relevant to our work situation. Thank you and well done to Buhle.”
Mapi Mobwano, Mine Manager, Exxaro NBC Coal

“Buhle’s topic was brilliant and his humour great. He won’t be forgotten. Motivating and inspirational!”
Caroline Norton, Human Resources, IBM

“In the short while that we enjoyed your company, you managed to entertain, motivate and uplift us whilst leaving us with food for thought.
We are encouraged by the example that you are setting for all of us. Please continue with your hard work to improve the quality of life of all citizens in South Africa!”
M Meyer, Head: Information and Systems Management, South African Police Service

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your presentation on Saturday. Not only was the content awesome but you yourself and the manner in which you handled the group was phenomenal. It is so good to see people using their gifts and their talents, you truly were WOW. Thank you and all the best with the chapters that follow on in your own personal book of life.”
Claire Gibson, Key Accounts Manager, FCm Travel Solutions

“Many thanks for your outstanding presentation to our Top 100 Managers. We received overwhelmingly positive comment from members that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and that there had been much food for thought. Some of the remarks included that, “I haven’t had such a good laugh in a very long time”, “This was so true – extremely relevant”, “Buhle is excellent”, and “I want to tell my wife all about the presentation”.
We would also like to extend again our appreciation to you for participating in at least two trial runs prior to the event, ensuring a faultless delivery.”
G J Verschoor, General Manager – Human Resources, Rand Water

“THANK-YOU so very much for the dynamic presentation you gave on our Finance Breakaway. It’s safe to say that your presentation was one of the highlights of our breakaway. The attendees did not stop talking about the content of your talk, and the way in which you delivered it. It really set the right tone for our breakaway and enabled us to culminate all that we needed to cover, while keeping your central theme in mind. I heard someone say that they never looked at their watch once during the time you spoke. Thanks once again, and all the best for the future!”
Dianne Lurie, Transition Management, SABC

“He was exceptional, energetic, entertaining and captivating! Everyone enjoyed his presentation. His mere presence and smile exudes as “YOUNG AND ABLE”. Thanks for the experience.”

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation at our Congress. The feedback from our members is positive, great, brilliant, excellent, etc. We will be contacting you to book you as a speaker at our forthcoming conferences. It seems like you are going to be a busy man after congress.”
Hannie Erasmus, PA to Vanya Lessing, ASATA [Congress held in Zambia]

“You did an excellent job – everybody is still talking about you.  You have the whole world in your hands.”
Dani Thusi, Asset Management Accountant, Sasol