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Based: United Kingdom

Need to Grow your business Exponentially, then working with Brett StClair, The Ex-Googler turned digital banker, he will work to ensure you ready your business to double your growth in 18 months.

 Brett has over 20 years of experience in the global digital landscape. Brett has over 10 years of Silicon Valley experience where he worked to build African successes at Admob (world’s largest Mobile Advertising Network), Android, Youtube, Google and Google’s Cloud Computing across Africa where he mastered the secrets of Silicon Valley.

Brett StClair is passionate about Power of Scale and how businesses can use Digital Technology to build businesses that want exponential growth.

 Brett’s Keynotes inspire action and deliver the message of exponential growth in clear layman’s terms.

Brett St.Clair is an energetic, empathetic, humorous and passionate speaker who interprets the world of scale into entertaining and actionable layman’s terms.

Brett’s expertise is specifically focused on building Exponential Growth businesses and helping small and large companies through their digital transformation journey to Exponential Growth.

Brett is all about the doing – his keynotes are about his successes and failures in the startup and corporate world. Brett’s expertise ranges from understanding and solving customer problems; marketing to customers across channels, and building the right Digital products for customers.

Most importantly Brett will help your business structure operating models that entail organizational structure, team culture, technology delivery models and ways of work to compete with the likes of Silicon Valley based business. Brett is ‘Data mad’ and helps businesses understand how to leverage their unlimited data and build Artificial Intelligent systems to make more money and keep customers happy.

 If your business needs to learn how to build or implement digital technology to get more products to customers, reduce waste and expediate the technology processes to stay ahead of competitors, Brett’s background as a Google and Barclay’s product owner helps businesses understand the magic under the hood with processes like Agile and Lean Startup. Brett inspires to make sure businesses attain success quicker and better. As a speaker, he focuses on how local and International businesses can implement the secret code of Silicon Valley to stay relevant and change their business to become more Uberized.

As a speaker Bett provides bespoke Keynotes themed around his own Digital Disruption Journey and how to use the Power of Scale, to the entire Digital transformation process, to Facilitating Interventions, Hosting Panels with all C-level executives and if required Brett can extend his time to MC’ing your event with experience of hosting global Google events with25,000 attendees.