Based: Cape Town

The Boulevard Blues band has been rocking music lovers at venues, events and festivals in South Africa for over a decade, liberating their fans with nourishing soulful Blues and Rock. The band sets high standards in both music genres with their pure quality music that’s easy to listen to, and offering an unprecedented and entertaining live performance. Inspired by Dr John Mostert – “Doctor of the Blues” – the band has been playing mainly Blues, in its various forms since their inception in 1998. Portions of their now vast repertoire include Rock classics, some light Jazz, Soul and Funk. With the introduction of many of their own compositions, the band has tastefully added a new facet to their repertoire and high-lighted some formerly hidden talents.

Dr John Mostert has become a Blues icon in South Africa. This Durban born veteran still sports the trademark dark shades and hat. Besides this eccentricity, he maintains the same gravelly vocals that has the ability to rattle the rafters and an easy style which has become the bands mainstay. This one-time teenage drummer played in the nightspots and dance halls of trendy sixties Durban, after which he took up composing on the guitar and rose to become a legendary front man for several Blues/Rock setups.

After relocating to Cape Town, he joined the illustrious Blues Broers, which set him on his way to becoming a Blues vocalist icon in South Africa

Cape Town born, Richard Pryor is a blistering rock lead guitarist who has adapted quite well to the blues considering that many teenage years were spent indulging in Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. He delivers a hi-octane blues/rock guitar experience.

He is a full-time guitar teacher and is also the wackiest member of the band. Although he has a unique playing style which combine many different music styles, one can still hear the old school rock lead guitar influences of Gary moore and Eddie van Halen.

His all time favorite guitarist is the great Al Di Meola which has been his biggest inspiration. He has also done a performance diploma in Jazz studies at the University of Cape Town. Richard has a solo project called Pebbleman.

Graeme Abbott, may be accredited with having backed Randy Crawford on an occasion amongst many other acclaimed artists. He does the Blues great justice with his snappy rendition.

Graeme has come up through the ranks from the age of sixteen, playing in Dance and Rock bands, as well as doing some session work. Steeped in eighties Rock, he has paid his dues and delivers a rock-solid performance that has become characteristic of the tight style of Boulevard Blues.

Greg Smith is one of Cape Town’s finest Blues harmonica players and the Blues would not be the Blues without it, and Boulevard Blues would be without soul.

An accomplished and passionate percussionist, Greg started his musical career from as young as 13. Throughout the years he has played with Rock, Gospel and Country Bands – even a military brass band where he learned to read music – extending his musical ability to electric guitar, harp and even the cornet.

Bass Guitarist Rob Stemmett makes a distinctive mark in many of the bands arrangements laying down the low frequency tracks in the bands live and studio work, bringing with him an easy-going personal music style which is accomplished and versatile across many genres.

One highlight in his career was with jazz/rock fusion outfit ‘Madame Freak’ performing at the 2001 North Sea Jazz Festival. In 2003 Rob linked up with with Duc Chowles and performed in 13 different shows over four years in Barnyard Theatres and Casinos countrywide. Having mastered many styles of music, he has emerged from this phase of his career as a diverse and disciplined performer.

Debbie Pryor replaces the regular drummer during the Boulevard Blues Acoustic session with her ‘Cajon’

Debbie’s most valuable rhythm instruction came from a few drum-kit lessons she took with world renowned rhythmist, Efrain Toro, who taught her the fundamentals of rhythm theory and introduced her to the ‘Cajon’.

A ‘Cajon’ is a Peruvian box-like drum which delivers a woody rhythm that is loaded with diverse percussive sounds. Likened to a metronome on occasion, Debbie captures the imagination of her audience and astounds them with her unique instrument.