Based: Johannesburg

Beauty and the Beats is an unusual and edgy pairing of solo violin with beat box vocals. The duo performs a range of well-known songs from classics to Top 40 numbers. The show typically starts, theatre-of-the-mind-style with Morgan Beatbox generating sounds off-stage to peak the curiosity of the audience. Morgan then reveals himself on stage and presents a powerful and engaging few minutes of what a beatboxer can do with just his vocal chords and a microphone. Then, at a given cue in his performance, Morgan references the well-known Fur Elise opening. Acclaimed violinist Kristel Birkholtz, off-stage echoes the answering reply to this opening tune. Kristel then makes her way on stage and the pair present a medley of well-known tunes. A male vocalist can also be added to the show, which is approximately 10-12 minutes is length and can include additional items such a solo violin or Beatbox performance.