Based : Ghana

Azawi is a Ugandan female music artist, singer, dancer and songwriter who came into the limelight after releasing her hit song called Quinomino which was  after being signed by one of the top record label companies in Uganda called Swangz Avenue.

Azawi was born in the central region of Uganda which is a country found in the eastern part of africa.
While still young, Azawi used to visit the Ndere Cultural Centre which is found in Ntinda frequently and it was there that she developed interest in music and dance when she was watching the dance festivals.

In the year 2005, Azawi joined the Kika dance troupe where she performed with them on different occassions. She later left the Kika dance troupe but her love for music did not die and instead it became stronger than ever.

While still at school, Azawi started singing and writing songs while she was being encouraged and mentored  by her brother. Her friends at school also did encourage her to keep doing music and writing songs since they saw the talent and passion that she did have.

As a result of her talent and passion for song writing,  Azawi has along the way written songs for top music artists in Uganda and among some of these artists are Lydia Jazmine; Nina Roz; Eddy Kenzo  among others.

While working as a songwriter, one time Azawi went to Swangz Avenue studios to deliver a song that she had written for one of the music artists under the management of Swangz Avenue and it was there that Benon Mugumya noticed something unique about her, he discovered that she could actually sing very well since she had a good voice.

The Swangz Avenue management decided to sign her up as one of their music artists. In January 2020, Azawi released her first hit song called Quinomino which has dominated the airwaves, being played on radio stations and television stations around the country.

She is currently working on  the release of her five track album which is code named Lo Fit.  2020  will be remembered as a big year for Azawi as she continues to move steadily towards stardom.

Azawi is truly an inspiration to all the young girls out there including youths that it is possible to achieve your dreams if you are consistent and continue following your passion and working hard towards your dreams.