Digital. Innovation
Based: Cape Town

Arlene won the Forbes Woman Africa Technology and Innovation Award in 2019 and was featured on the cover of Forbes Women Africa as one of the 20 New Wealth Creators on the African continent in 2019.

She was selected for the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) by the US Consulate in 2017 and is a global ambassador for ‘She Loves Tech’ and is currently serving on the Board of two companies in the education space; Click Foundation and Pioneering Solutions Studio.

Arlene holds an M.Sc. Business Mathematics & Informatics.

Award-winner Arlene Mulder’s life revolves around growing the digital problem-solving capabilities of the African continent. She has always loved exploring the power of mathematics and coding in the tech industry to transform the way we meet and solve diverse challenges.

After seven years as an investment banker, Arlene left the finance world to start ‘WeThinkCode’ and pursue her dream of democratising and revolutionising education, in order to deliver top tech talent. Her latest venture is BiB, Africa’s digital audio library that preserves the local literary heritage and promotes education through leveraging tech.