Based: Cape Town

Since Andriëtte Norman as a fresh vocal discovery in 2007 at the music front began turbulence, has surprised his critics and music lovers well impressed with three excellent albums with hits like Napoleon, Remember me, take me higher and Things.

Now she offers her fans again vocal velvet on her fourth album What Rhyme With Love. This is an Adult Contemporary album that boasts many profound nuutskeppinge by, among others, Rudi Claase Johan Oberholzer, Vaughan Gardiner, Emil Struwig, Helmut Meijer and herself. To judge at making the song style, the number of directors collaborated: including Murray Lubbe and Werner Beukes.

Every song on this did hit potential with immediate impact, especially characterized by beautiful romantic love ballads. The rhythmic opening track seven oceans and the feel-good melancholic track Welcome to my heart are closing their radio hits! There are also guitar and perkussiegedrewe work, including in other words, better than the best, and we are. Between the pragballades the tracks What rhymes with love, Fall for you, Yes, if one and a two, as if – and especially the klawerskone Will you remember me. Andriëtte’s interpretation of the timeless jewel in Love With You focus on her lush higher register; polished with excellent voice work and a lavish strings processing. Then she wooed with a sweeping closeness, complimenting her warm lower register and her only in her class instead.

There are also two bonus tracks: Some days, a powerful peinsduet with Sarel Fourie, from the pen of Chris Chameleon, Hunter Kennedy and Fred den Hartog – with production by Johnny de Ridder. This is a song that will be remembered as one of the most powerful in Afrikaans! The album is completed with a reprocessed (Helmut Meijer) acoustic version (with string work by Sven Blumer) of her giant hit Napoleon, from the pen of Steve Hofmeyr.

Andriëtte Norman is simply a singer who deserves the title singer, because she can not and must sing!