Based: Johannesburg

Zuraida is a well known South African Media personality and MC. She is currently completing her Masters degree, with research, in Critical Diversity Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. She believes that specializing in the understanding of “otherness” plays an integral role when connecting with people, individually or within group settings. Zuraida holds an Honours Degree in Psychology, with mental health and well-being, being of deep interest in her practice. Zuraida is in practice as a Functional Medicine Health and Lifestyle Coach. As an advanced Breathwork Practitioner she uses the power of breath-awareness in her therapeutic practice.

Zuraida believes that for human potential to thrive, individuals need to be tailor-treated holistically to feel whole. Her 23 years as a host in the Media Industry, working in both television and radio has afforded her valuable insight into human behaviour. Witnessing first hand how the human potential for unity lies within our diversity.

She was the 1st female to host a weekday Day- Time show in the history of 5FM -Working on a multitude of live shows on various major television productions and hosting live on stage for some of the worlds leading corporate companies.
She is currently studying Functional Medicine & has just completed her Honours in Psychology at WITS University.
She believes that Mental Health is far too prevalent and as such, we need to start normalising it, not stigmatise it.
Zuraida strongly believes that more people should be offered the space and opportunity to feel comfortable enough to come forward and admit that they are not okay – knowing it’s okay to not be okay.