Based: Cape Town

ZAMAR was founded in the heart of Stellenbosch when energetic young musicians from across the country (and the world…), equally passionate about their music, came together to create a style which is both traditional and cosmopolitan.
Consisting of 5 highly talented and skilled male and female musicians, Zamar, which means ‘to celebrate with the plucking of strings,’ was meant to be a runaway success.

This vibrant group is Veronica (violin), Lyuda (vocal & accordion), Danica (djembe & percussion), Ignatius (bass) and Brian (vocal & guitar). 
Their program includes:  Hungarian Rhapsodies, Ukrainian Folk Melodies, South American Tango’s, Irish Folk Music, Traditional African Songs, Contemporary Classics and much more.  During their performance they take you on a tour around the world, visiting many different countries, and you will experience everything from Gypsy to Jazz!