Based: Johannesburg

NAME : Lieutenant General Holland
SKILLS : Computer and software specialist , audio editing, horn instrument virtuoso , DJ compliance (1st class), keyboard skills
WEAPONS: x 2 Apple MacBook Pro ( SSD, Quad Core, 8 GIG) , Abelton Live ver 8 , Keyboards , Saxophones, Wireless systems
NAME: Colonel Thatcher
SKILLS: Electric guitar specialist, live and digital percussion complaint , video editing
WEAPONS : Yamaha DTX Digital drums pad, Congas, Bongos, Electric Guitars, Djembe, Wireless systems
NAME: Brigadier General Breda
SKILLS: Drummer 1st class
WEAPONS : Yamaha Custom drum kit , Digital drum pads
NAME : Sergeant Engel
SKILLS: Trumpet 1st class , Keyboard and Synth ability
WEAPONS: Trumpets, Motif XF6 , S70XF, Moog, Wireless systems
NAME: Major Van Wyk
SKILLS : DJ specialist , crowd control, noise and explosion experience, dance
WEAPONS : CDJ’s ,computers with fully loaded field ready software, megaphone, SM58, Wireless systems
NAME: Captain Goldman
SKILLS : Vocal styling, pitch and tone specialist, rapping expertise, spiritual guidance and motivation
NAME: Captain Ress
SKILLS: Keyboard and Synth specialist , vocal support, spiritual guidance and motivation
WEAPONS: Motif XF6, S70XF , Shure SM58.87