Based: Johannesburg

TEARGAS is made up of three like-minded young men namely; Ntokozo K.O. Mdluli from Piet Retief in Mpumalanga, two brothers Ezee Ma-E Hanabe and Bantu Ntukza Hanabe from Soweto.
They all met at Vaal Tri-angle Technikon in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, where they became best friends due to common musical interests in hip hop. Although the group officially came into being in 2004, prior to that the guys were mostly making moves in the underground hip hop circuit.

Inspired by the countrys political past where police used TEARGAS to disperse protesting crowds in South Africas townships, the threesome opted to call themselves TEARGAS, where they see their music as a tool to disperse socio-economic ills like crime, HIV/Aids, poverty, etc.

Debut Album Kshubile Kbovu

After working day jobs and doing self-promotion in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekurhuleni, the Vaal area, Pietermaritzburg, Mpumalanga, and Durban, TEARGAS eventually got signed to Electromode Music in 2005, becoming the labels first hip hop act.

In July 2006, they released the critically-acclaimed debut, Kshubile Kbovu, a 14 track album filled with positive messages of hope and social awareness; party songs, etc. all strung together into one classic offering. With the help of talented producers, the charismatic group successfully put together an educative, motivational and an overall entertaining album that boasts with hits like Teargas Anthem, We Came to Party, the Award-winning Chance.

Sophomore Wafa Wafa

After taking a much needed 8 months break, TEARGAS returned to the scene with their sophomore album entitled Wafa Wafa (meaning Do or die).The album features artists like Bongo Riot of urban pop group Gang of Instrumentals, up and coming rock band Inersha, CatWalk, Veja, 2lip and more.

The first track, Champions features Bongo Riot of Gang Of Instrumentals fame, is a motivational track about being proud of who you are regardless of your financial status. It is also a track to celebrate with those who have accomplished their goals, but also for those who are ambitious enough to aspire to reach the top.

This has helped to cement their position as a pillar of the local Hip Hop community while securing them a reputation as artists who, never failing to surprise, still manage to transcend the boundaries of genre.

Dark or Blue

Not ones to rest on their laurels, TEARGAS released their third effort, Dark or Blue, on 11th September 2009, which features the talents of veterans of the music industry i.e. HHP, Prokid, DJ Tira and Danny K and more.

The third instalment in the TEARGAS record series promises t

o set a new standard for the trio and for local hip hop at large.

The first single, Party 101, features the beautiful and talented Liesl Penniken on additional vocals and has already received an enthusiastic nod from industry peers.

The guys also released two other single off of Dark or Blue namely, Go Away and Mhlobo Wami, the latter having dropped in 2010.

Proving TEARGAS’ experience and growth in quality of the music, the group was nominated 3 times at the biggest Award institution in the country, the South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2010.

On the night they made history by winning Best Rap again being they are the first hip hop outfit to win the award two times in a row.

Teargas is also the first hip hop act to get nominated for Album of the Year for Dark or Blue alongside seasoned veterans Selaelo Selota and Busi Mhlongo at this year SAMAs.

AWARDS 2006 – Now

Metro FM Awards 2006 – Best Album, Best Group, Best Hip Hop, and Best Song for Chance.
South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2007 Song of the Year for Chance
Metro FM Awards 2008 Best Group and Best hip hop
Channel O Awards 2007 Best Video by a group or duo for chance
South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2009 Best Rap for Wafa Wafa
Channel O Awards 2009 Best Video Southern Africa for take you out
South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2010 Best Rap for Dark or Blue, Album of the Year for Dark or Blue, Best

Group or Duo

Hype Awards 2009 Best group and Best Video for Go Away
Channel O Awards 2010 – Best Hiphop for Dark Or Blue and Video of the Year for the song “Party 101”
South African Traditional Music Awards (SATMA) – Best Traditional Hiphop
Channel O Music Awards 2010 – Most Gifted Video of the year for Party 101, Most Gifted Hiphop
MTV Base Music Awards 2010 – Best Group Video
Sound City Awards 2010 (Nigeria) – Best Group, Best Hiphop, Best Video, and Best Cinematography for Mhlobo Wami


Metro FM Awards 2006 – Best Album Award (Kshubile Kbovu), Best Hip-Hop Award, and Best Song of the Year
Award (Chance)
Metro FM Awards 2008 Best Group for Wafa Wafa
South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2009 Best Rap for Wafa Wafa
South African Music Awards 2010 – Best Rap for Dark or Blue
Channel O Music Awards 2010 – Most Gifed Video of the year for Party 101.
Sound City Music Awards 2010 (Nigeria) – Best Cinematography for Mhlobo Wami