Based: Johannesburg

There is a time in all of our lives when we are faced with once in a lifetime opportunities – yet again, the same can be said for things or experiences, which leave one totally amazed. Such is the case with the five gentlemen who have all come together to make up the Rock n Roll outfit called REEBURTH.
Hailing from Soweto, one of the most popular and oldest townships in Gauteng, South Africa, and these gentlemen faced with socio economic challenges amongst others, decided to turn to music for upliftment, fulfilment and a total LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.

Previously, the genre of ROCK N ROLL and METALLIC music was always associated with ‘White People and white music’. In fact, believe it or not but this genre of music was also believed, by the Black community, to be that of wild, gothic believers.

But here comes REEBURTH, situated within the heart of South African Black community, producing the most amazing ROCK N ROLL and METALLIC music thus the decision which has led THORN BUBBLE RECORDS t/a Thorn Bubble Records to signing up this group, recording their albums, filming their videos and assisting them in their growth.