Based: Cape Town/ JHB

This totally unique video mapping act is centred around our Lunar Mime Character, a mystical, silent all-white performer with an absolutely stunning costume. Video projection on a performer has never before been done with such a wonderfully original costume which makes this one of a kind and very unique video mapping show really stand out.

Parolabianca Oracle Video Mapping experience is a fantasy fusion performances with complex 3D graphics immersing the performer into a surreal landscape of colours and shapes. Multicoloured projects make the white performer blend it with the surroundings but also stand out at the same time. This imaginative and highly creative video mapping show lets the audience’s imagination run wild with connotations of fantasy and space travel.

Our White Oracle Video Mapping performance climaxes with the Oracle herself reaching out to the audience and handing out messages from her mystical white orb. clients can choose to customise the text otherwise the white performer will just hand out messages of goodwill.

Using video projection on a performer is a far more immersive and magical experience that makes for a far more memorable experience. Audiences will love that the white performer is actually part of the unique video mapping rather than just controlling it all.

In this performance, the 3d video mapping develops with the dancing body, with projections of multicoloured graphic lasers and light painting to embrace the surrounding environment: a neutral wall or screen, simple or complex urban context, the interior of a building or a room .