Based: Johannesburg

(Johannesburg, 27 August, 2012) Hailed as a fresh sound in South African music, Newton’s 2nd Law are building on the success of their debut single ‘Fact of Life’  and are set to release their debut album N2L on 17 September 2012.

N2L will comprise 10 tracks recorded by acclaimed SA producer Neal Snyman and showcases the band’s unique fusion of soul, rock & dub. A strong writing partnership between guitarist Eddie Neethling and vocalist John Mani resulted in the bulk of the album’s  tracks – including the hit ‘Fact of Life’- with the remaining members (Wihan De Lange, Jaco Joubert & Peet Bornman) contributing on ‘Imaginary World.’

Debut single ‘Fact of Life’ peaked at #8 on the 5FM Top 40 and became a chart topper on campus stations Kovsie FM, TUKS FM and MFM.  With over 10,000 Youtube streams since its release, ‘Fact of Life’ continues to make an impact on regional radio as well. Similarly, the second single ‘Imaginary World’ is impacting positively at radio and is currently a heat-seeker on the 5FM Top40.

Describing their music as a force for hope & peace, Newton’s 2nd Law aims to offer something new to the South African musical landscape. A hybrid of styles that incorporates rock, folk, soul and dub – the band’s diverse influences apparent  in not only the fresh sonic textures that trademark the recordings, but in the motivation behind their songs and lyrics.