Based: Cape Town

Myddle Earth is a fantasy-themed celtic traditional & fantasy rock group from Cape Town, South Africa.

Six-string mage Cliff o’the West, an enchanting songweaver, has recruited about him a band of sonic pilgrims: Tink, the Wind faerie whose wings beat at sublime frequencies; Edwud d’Umble, whose rhythm falls as square as the ironworker; Dan, the fiddler and whistler of lore, and Ted, the ‘Well Red’, of cavernous tones and tomes!

Myddle Earth has performed at the Knysna Celtic Music Festival; for the Irish South African Society; the Rotary Club International’s Celti; Scottish and Irish events and fundraisers, the Bay Harbour Market, V&A Waterfront’s Watershed launch and many weddings, parties and corporate functions. In 2016, their original songs ‘Dragon’s Gold’ and ‘Enchanted Glade’ were included in the playlist of the leading Irish and Celtic Music Podcast (hosted by Marc Gunn), resulting in immediate attention from the global Irish music community.

Myddle Earth performs traditional instrumental Irish jigs & reels, with a small number of originals also influenced by Celtic, Medieval, Scandinavian folk. Suitable for acoustic events, house parties, outdoor farmers’ markets, belly dance events and any small to medium gatherings where light traditional music might compliment the mood. Lineup includes violin, acoustic guitar, tin whistle, percussion and occasionally bouzouki and bass guitar. Myddle Earth always performs in period costume from the Medieval era, with stage often adorned by ivy and greenery.

With roots deep in Celtic and Medieval music, Myddle Earth is without a doubt Cape Town’s leading fantasy rock outfit.