Based: Cape Town

Melon Melody was born out of a  solo performance art idea by Francesca Krnjak,  a well known  Italian performance artist ,  meeting Melanie Scholtz, an award winning South African  jazz artist. It combines the art of loop based  and effected music together with the beauty of the human voice and live instrumentation. In this project the conception of spontaneous improvisation is the foundation. This talented duo draw from all their musical backgrounds to form a unique synergy of something truly original every performance.

Francesca Krnjak is an all-round performing artist with more than a decade of experience. She takes an  active part in experimental and classical performances, mixing theatre/dance, street-theatre both in her  native Italy and abroad. As a multi-talented artist, dancer/mime-artist, musician, street performer and choreographer, she participated in many festivals. Francesca has been cultivating the need to listen and learn from human expression through theater ,music, arts and dance for many years. Study and research are permanent necessities for her in order to never crystallize on paths she has already been on. During her shows she try to send signals, without any code or routine.

“My expressions are based on many teachings . Many forays in different dance and theater realities that  enrich and at the same time empty my life experience in order to continue on my personal path. Francesca is an experienced professional artist who regularly performs both in clubs and festivals in Europe,  South Africa and Internationally.