Based: Cape Town

Luca creates her own electronic beats, which she effortlessly fuses with live violin melodies. From electrolounge to classical remixes of Vivaldi and electronic tangos, every composition builds into a unique dance music experience.

Often labeled as a violin DJ or dubstep violinist, this energetic performer not only pushes the boundaries of what a violinist can do, but does so with unparalleled classical training. Grungy, powerful and impressive! She performs solo with original tracks, or with a live drummer and bassist.

Luca Hart is a cum laude graduate from Stellenbosch University, mastering in Music Technology and Violin. With numerous orchestral performances and merit awards behind her name, she started her own instrumental gypsy/rock band LUMA while at varsity, and they went on to win Maties Talent in 2011.

She started composing from a young age, and has always experimented with production and electronic effects to support her songs and daring violin playing. Luca manages to combine her classical background with novel ideas, compositions and sound effects, to ultimately create a varied and powerful performance, ranging from soulful singer/songwriter ballads and caberet to ambient soundscapes and electronic dance music, always featuring the violin as main instrument. Her debut album, Ebb & Flow (which she composed, produced, recorded and mixed herself), showcases complex cinematic creations, that she delicately interweaves with yearning violin melodies and a strong electronic undercurrent.

A sought-after session violinist, she has performed with the likes of Spoegwolf, Hatchetman, Matinino, Mr Cat and the Jackal, Crimson House, Manouche, Gerald Clark and Arno Carstens, to name a few. Luca has also taken part in numerous orchestral recordings for flim soundtracks, including Die Wonderwerker, Khumba, My Hunter’s Heart, Krotoa and Felix. During this time she also frequently assisted with the sound recordings and sound editing at the renowned Milestones Studios in Cape Town.

Luca was recently comissioned to compose and produce an original song for the groundbreaking instrumental pop trio Sterling EQ. Her composition, Toreador, features on their latest album, 10 Years of Sterling EQ.

Apart from performing, composing, recording and producing, Luca also teaches violin and music theory in her spare time.