Based: Johannesburg

Leslie ‘Lee’ Nabunya Kasumba, a conversationalist, creative industry specialist, and strategic visionary, embodies her profound connection to Africa. Hailing from Ugandan heritage, shaped by South African influence, and steeped in Pan-African spirit, she holds an enduring affection for the continent’s vibrant culture and talent.
Her extensive career reflects her fervor for excellence, evident in her achievements across African music, media, and popular culture.

Ugandan born Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba is a Media personality, Entertainment consultant, TV and Radio producer, Magazine editor, Awards Judge and Philanthropist. Known as Miss Media, Leslie has worked in different capacities with the BBC,YFM, United Nations Global Hip-hop summit,The Mandela Foundation and many more. Her interview credits include former British P.M Tony Blair, rapper Snoop Dogg and others

She Speaks Africa presents The Africa Whisperer podcast, a journey across Africa to explore the sons and daughters of the land making strides in the worlds of business, culture and international influence. Hosted by the multi-talented Lee Kasumba, each episode is an insightful study of how her illustrious guests have navigated life in Africa and applied their local perspectives to set global standards.

Season 1 of the podcast is inspired by the game of chess and considers the major moves it takes to excel on the continent and beyond. From understanding the African terrain to taking risks that challenge the status quo, Lee Kasumba uncovers the strategies and sacrifices of her guests’ paths to success. As the Africa Whisperer personified, Lee engages each of these grandmasters in honest conversations on vision, courage and the will to persevere in pursuit of a worthy dream.

Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba is the Africa Whisperer personified. As a versatile conversationalist and creative industry strategist, she has built an impressive career majoring in media, music and popular culture across Africa. She is a passionate advocate of showcasing the continent’s homegrown talent. Leslie is the founder of She Speaks Africa, a unique hub of bespoke projects designed to demonstrate the vast potential of Africa’s creative and cultural industry. Through She Speaks Africa, she leverages her rich experience and strong commitment to telling the beautifully nuanced African story in a way that celebrates its people, cultures and rightful place in the world.

The Africa Whisperer podcast is an original production of She Speaks Africa. It is Leslie’s first self-produced podcast and follows her success as host of “Africa State of Mind with Lee Kasumba” (2017 – 2020).