I have 11 years of operational experience across various fields including assurance services, corporate financial reporting in a global multinational entity, entrepreneurship, content creation and publication and business development across a number of sectors.

Clients have typically been in industries such as construction, printing/publishing, micro-lending, commodities and regulatory professional services bodies.


In the past 3 years, our consultancy has impacted no less than 80 medium sized and well established South African entities, some of which have a global footprint. I was part of a team that achieved a top 30 ranking in 2020 HPLife competition out of over 400 applications.

As an advocate and guide to doing business in South Africa, I have Begun to learn Russian and Germanto be able to relate to entities in both this countries which are key trade partners for South Africa and the SADC region at large.

My work includes transforming startups and small and medium sized entities to achieve “bankability” and “bankability”, a process that includes establishment and implementation of good governance and ethics practices. To this end I have been a presenter of governance training courses to a global audience in attendance at the South African Institute of Professional Accountants 2021 Conference.


A key component of business development is agility and resilience. To this end, I have been a trainer delivering Agility and Resilience training to over 150 trainees in partnership with the Thuli Madonsela Foundation.


Creativity is an outcome of self application and excellence. I am a published co-author of the children’s book: Melo’s Kingdom, which is has been sold in South Africa, USA and Europe.


I am passionate about business and have completed Strategic Negotiation by the University of Michigan through Course RA.


Previous speaking/training engagements:

SAIPA Accounting Indaba 2021 –



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