Based: Johannesburg

Jodie is a global educator. She has a diverse background of experience and qualifications in; teaching (all demographics), property (real estate, mortgage origination & land reform), mental and physical well being, inspirational speaking, executive consulting, human behaviour, change education, designing curriculums and programs, and energy (new technologies). Jodie is currently the Director and co-founder of Jomat Investments (South Africa) and, recently, Learn2Link (Australia), which offer their services globally.
Jodie has travelled to over 40 countries in her life, thoroughly enjoying interactions with people of various cultures and backgrounds. Jodie is from Australia, lived in the United Kingdom for 4 years, and has been based in South Africa for the previous 10 years. She has utilized her time working with people in the townships through to top executives, globally. Jodie has developed the following models; Jomat 5 R Star Petal™ (know yourself, love yourself and be inspired), the Jomat Change Engine™ (adapting to change and conflict resolution), the 7 B’s of Big Sales™ and co-created the 7 L Rays of Learn2Link™ (linking low priorities to high priorities, maximizing potential). She loves to objectively identify the challenges or problems and turn them into opportunities or solutions, thus, maximizing potential of individuals and organisations.
Jodie is a lifelong learner, through experience and education (observing and listening), and she loves transferring new skills to others. She wishes to build wealth from her services and future product line, CCB’s (caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies), which will in turn allow her to make a greater difference in the world. She believes it true that, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’ (Albert Einstein). Jodie will be publishing her books in 2015 on; Change Education, Self Worth, and, Black or White, Does it Matter? (Co-authored with Matseleng Mogodi).