Based: Johannesburg

Jed Nery is a mouth producer creating music with his mouth from Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, House to showcasing the real sounds of a drum-kit straight from his mouth.
He has been performing for Two & a half years doing shows from Corporate, clubs to big festivals for over 15’000 to 20’000 people, all in all Jed Nery is a Beatboxer working his way to the top with a humble attitude. Jed has been working with alot of Artist’s from all over South Africa performing and doing what he loves with all his passion for the love of Beatboxing and entertainment.

•Opened for DJ FRESH numerous times.
•Back2TheCity 2012 – 15 thousand people
•RAMFEST 2013 CPT – 10 thousand people
•Back2TheCity 2013 RedBull BC One Stage – 25 thousand people.
•RAMFEST 2013 JHB – 15 thousand people
•Opened up for Cibot
•Closed for Pendulum 15 thousand people
•Opened up for Ultimix DJ KENT
•German International School
•5FM Cheese Affair
•Corporate’s alongside Urshula Chikane
•Monster Festival
•Opened for Chromium 15 thousand people
•Performed after Die Antwoorde 16 thousand people