Based:  Johannesburg

George “Georgeous” Avakian, South African, but naturally of Armenian decent found his passion for Beat-boxing and the STAGE through the classic cliché’, a High School competition, at the tender age of 14.

Since then, George has found his way as ‘THE corporate party starter’, has recorded with International artists, is currently releasing his debut Music video and is yet to be defeated in one to one beat box battles.

It’s been a love for mastering and pioneering this form of expression as others have done abroad that has driven George to master this Art, practice religiously and leave everything on stage, slowly earning him recognition as one of SA’s top beat-boxers and entertainers. A title further cemented after opening the stage for International artist, Wyclef Jean in 2008.

Beat-boxing has always stemmed from Rhythm, Blues and Hip-Hop, his unique talent however lies in his ability to combine the above and if the crowd demands, he easily incorporates other popular genres, such as, House, Classical, Jazz, Rock or Pop into a symphony of music that lifts, invigorates and moves crowds across all racial and cultural barriers, from the Sandton “Palms” to “The Rock” in Soweto!

George moves the stage, moves unlike any other Beat-boxer on stage and is guaranteed to move ANY crowd…worldwide!

1st Project
By using only drums to create what can simply be described as ‘Aggressive Percussion!’,
1st Project has truly made their mark on the entertainment industry.
Their style of music – aggressive percussion – is completely original, and is not only designed to entertain but to create an escape from the mundane. Bringing together elements of Rock, House, African and Latin rhythms, this pulse of pure primal energy calls out to anyone who wants to see something new and unique…
1st Project embodies the beat that we all feel as Africans!