Based :Rwanda

James’ journey as an emcee has been characterised by exponential growth and lessons. As an emcee, he has learnt that every stage has its audience, vibe and challenges.

“It’s always a tough task to weave through with balance. However, when you love doing it, you always find a way out,” he says.

James, also a news anchor with Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, notes that a milestone in his work as an emcee is every completed task commended and lauded by the client.

“Whether a stage is big or small, it doesn’t matter because the reverence is the same even though preparations may vary depending on the assignments,” he says.

He has served in African Union of Broadcasters (AUB), World Economic Forum, Transform Africa, Smart Africa, Miss Rwanda, IMSAR (Improving Market Systems for Agriculture in Rwanda), Pitch AgriHack, University of Rwanda, Never Again, ‘I am the future’ music project, weddings and more

James notes that Miss Rwanda pageant has been one of the greatest highlights due to the large audience.

“My creativity and coordination worked spot on. I also enjoyed serving with AUB and Transform Africa, I met people that appreciated my work and opened more opportunities for me,” he says.

The mistakes he made during his first days working as an emcee taught him a lot, he says.

“I have called people mister when they are doctors, wrongly translated French words to English, called a wrong person on stage. I have had to interrupt big figures to keep time. All these experiences have only shaped me better,” he says.

James has come to the realisation that emceeing is the only job one can never be prepared enough for—anything can happen— and one has to rely on fast decision making, improvisation and creativity.

He hopes to keep on growing as he builds a brand in the world of emceeing.

“I think every MC has got their style. I try to maintain my down-to-earth personality, sense of humour, dynamism, flexibility, creativity, spoken languages and dress code. However, I am not yet where I would like to be. I want more opportunities, big and small to learn and serve more.”