Transformation. Change . Motivational

Based: Cape Town

The Be Activated system has been developed by Douglas Heel to have immediately mea- surable and long-term results when working with the body.
Coming from a physiotherapy and kinesiology background, Douglas’ pioneering approach is used globally in a wide variety of settings, from the professionals he has trained who then use it on their clients and patients, to corporate settings where it has a transformative impact on people’s approach to work, to in his own practice with elite sportspersons, teams and celebrities.
Be Activated is a proactive “game changing” method of working with the connection be- tween mind and body. It shifts the body from a sympathetic, stress-response state, to- wards a parasympathetic, “flow” state. When muscles are in sync, in sequence, and fully activated, both body and mind can function correctly, allowing a person to perform to their fullest potential.

“Douglas Heel is hard to describe… an interesting guy who often surfs in the shark-filled waters of Cape Town, South Africa. A physiotherapist and kinesiologist by trade, Doug seems part Tony Robbins and part Eckhart Tolle. He presents without notes or a power point, but he can effec- tively teach for 20 hours. I usually bore quickly and check my watch often. With Douglas Heel, I didn’t want to miss a word. Whenever I spoke, he looked at me with an unusual intensity. His focus was freaky. Doug spent the weekend barefoot, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, making 20 hours of work look easy. Douglas Heel combined science and coaching with a calm, happy, zen-like passion. I sensed the paradox of tunnel vision combined with an uncanny awareness of everything around him.”