Based: Johannesburg5FM – Weekdays 7-10pm #The5thElement /
Presenter @ThisIsLiveAMP
Club DJ from Shaolin/Music Authority/Tatted Up

Warras, kicked off his media career at the popular YFM in 2008 and was promoted to daytime radio in 2010, where he could be heard on Prime Mode with the Shady Lurker. Now on National radio, 5FM; DJ Warras is ready and rearing to go with his new time slot,  weekdays 19:00 – 22:00. Make sure your ears are tuned into the chaos that is, The 5th Element. The show will bring a balance between being informative and music relevant. There will be awesome features that will create opportunities to showcase young and underground talent with the likes of DJs Das Kapital and Vato Kayde.

The energy between DJ Warras and Tumi (his co-host) is electrifying. Tumi is the balance between normality and structure and Warras, well….. his outspoken, unpredictable and bursting with energy. Listeners will experience youth based content that they can relate to, laugh at the situations they find themselves in and break any boundaries on what you would expect to hear.

Warras is also co-presenter of the ever popular Live Amp, which is on SABC 1 Fridays at 21h00, with exciting features including: the Top 5 Chart, where viewers are encouraged to vote for their favourite video of the week; Live Amp Sessions – hanging out with artists in their own space; and Live Amp Shout Outs in which the show goes to the viewers at various functions and in the streets to get them to send shout outs and also request their favourite videos.