Based: Uganda

DJ Nimrod is a motormouth and this has earned him his share of ‘haters’ and trolls on social media, but the guy does put passion in what he gets his hands on. Having started out as a deejay and later taking on radio.

Hate or love it, modern DJs wear many hats, and that is the maxim driving renowned city DJ Nimrod Nabeta, aka, DJ Nimrod, to prominence.

At the risk of being branded a jack of all trades and a master of none, Nimrod has etched a name as a promising radio and events emcee;DJ;  marketer and love doctor, yet the allure of nocturnal life conspired to halt his Bachelors of Psychology studies at Makerere University many years ago.

Soon they were the big act at the then Victoria Tavern Bar on Kampala Road in 2007, and Nimrod would ‘gladly’ walk home with a meagre pay of Shs5,000 for the night. To supplement his income, he thought of learning the microphone trade and that is how he joined the now defunct Club La Beaujolais ,teaming up with the experienced DJ Apeman from whom he tapped more turntable antics.

It is at La Beaujolais that Nimrod would meet late rally ace cum businessman Charles Muhangi (RIP), who took him to his Kabalagala-based Las Vegas Bar as the main DJ.

The big stage beckoned when Nimrod joined Theatre Factory as their chief DJ and his exploits caught the eye of entrepreneur Innocent Nahabwe, who first recruited him for the defunct Virgin Island and later Club Amnesia and Galaxy FM as a presenter.

Six years on radio, and 13 years as a DJ, Nimrod looks back with lament as he continues to cement his name among the best in the business.