Based: Botswana

DJ Fauz born Fauz El-kindiy says he’s motivated by everyone that rocks a crowd; be it rappers, producers and DJs. Although he was born in Nairobi, Kenya; Fauz together with his family migrated to Botswana in 1991. He would see himself starting kindergarten here and going through Botswana’s education system until tertiary where he eventually graduated with a BIS Information Systems Degree from the University of Botswana (UB).

“My Name is Fauz El-kindiy and I perform under the stage name ‘DJ Fauz’. This is simply because I never had the luxury of having a nickname when growing up and when I eventually ventured into deejaying I chose to use my formal name as I felt it was geographically unique,” said the remarkably artistic Fauz adding that to date some people still assume it’s a nickname.

He’s one DJ that will keep you bopping your head and tapping your feet in riposte to his customarily flawless sets. Fauz only started deejaying in 2002 where he treated the craft as a hobby.

“At the time, my dad started a lighting company which gave me a front row seat to a tonne of events. It was only after seeing acts kill DJ sets at places like House of Blues (HOB) and Lizard Lounge back then that I fell in love with the notion that a single entity could control a crowd with the right sequence and selection of music,” said Fauz.

In 2005, when he enrolled at UB, Fauz started actively being a DJ and hosted collage parties, a few small time club events and several house parties. Despite having plied his trade as a DJ for almost 10 years, Fauz admitted that he only started being heavily active from 2011.

He lists A-Trak, Jazzy Jeff, the Late DJ AM, ScratchBastid, Eskie 83, DJ Babu and DJ Premier as some of his favourite international DJs; particularly because all of them play strictly on turntables. Due to his imposing skills, 2015 saw Fauz holding residency status at Cigar Lounge (situated in the leafy suburb of Phakalane) as well as at Sky Lounge and Absolut; both located in the heart of Gaborone’s new CBD.

“I play mostly Hip-Hop. However I dabble in open format music from time to time,” said Fauz.