Based: Johannesburg

South African Hip Hop Dj Of The Year 2013 and 2014
Dj Dimplez- initially called Dj Tumi when he began his dj career in 2004. Although his birth name, “Tumi” did not appeal to Channel O Vj Lungile Radu six months into his career. During an interview in the channels popular show called “Oboma”. A lot of names came up which included Tumiza, Tombstone that were all complete “no no’s”. Ten seconds before lights, camera, action, the name Dj
Dimplez came up and that was the turning point of his career.
This young gentleman in his 20’s always had the love for music. The idea of Djing came as he attended Joburg events such as Reality and 115. This led to him buying his own equipment in 2003 and by 2004 he had joined the Wits Dj Society. Cramped in their own minute private room, they would often get together and practice to perfect their skills. Although hip- hop was not big in the
Joburg party scene at the time, Dimplez continued playing this genre and within a few months he found himself playing for huge crowds of thousands of people.

His career has led to him to travel throughout the country playing at different events. Dimplez has also played in most clubs in Johannesburg and major corporate events, which include “The Apprentice S.A Finale”, “Blacks Only Comedy”, and the list goes on. Earning his name as one of the top hip-hop djs, Dimplez has played alongside the likes Dj Fresh; Dj Cleo; Dj Oskido; Dj S’bu; C-live; Milkshake; Naked Dj and Dj Kenzhero.

Pop Bottles™ is his latest events movement. These are Sunday afternoon events that cater for all types of people that enjoy different types of Hip hop. These sessions have pulled in crowds of over 700 people, dubbing it the one of the most successful hip- hop events in Joburg. The event
has hit Durban and Cape Town where the events were a great successful. Annual events will be held in differenttowns and cities out of coburg.