Based: Johannesburg

The Electro Pop/Dance team, comprising of Dale Allman and Garrick Jones. They started producing together in early 2011. After trying their hand at many styles of music, playing in bands over the years the two joined the Electro Scene, transforming their past experience into something melodic, fresh, original and exciting
After being caught up in the trash/dub hype, the guys decided to rather focus their attention on making music that could make you bounce, something with a catchy melody and tune, yet produced to a standard that South Africa has yet to experience. This is when DeaderThanDisco found its sound. Creating amazing productions that weren’t genre specific that could appeal to a wide market though next level production, a solid understanding of pop and commercial music, whilst maintaining and credibility as producer/songwriters.
After only a couple of months on the scene, they have already had one of their tracks, placed on a compilation from the New York labelShax Trax. The song One Small Step For Disco was released on the compilation Shax Trax – the 12th planet, alongside The Mastertrons , Kisbeat! and Chemical, Skanek and many others on the 13th June 2011.
DeaderThanDisco have an extremely bright future ahead of them, having already been approached by some of South Africa’s biggest stars, labels and industry professional such as Jax Panik, Soul Candi and Just Music, to name a few. The duo are currently at work on their debut EP as well as some very exciting collaborations.
It is safe to say that South Africa finally has a real production team that Is sure to take the country by storm with their fresh approach to pop music and insanely tight production – taking South Africa Dance and Electro production to new heights.