Based: Cape Town

Being a songwriter and having composed a lot of my own music on the harp, I like adding a unique and personal touch to the events I play at, letting the atmosphere inspire me with new melodies. This is where the name SOUL SOLO originated. I play alone (SOLO) and with SOUL.
My beautiful David concert harp is the only one of this make in South Africa and is sure to add elegance and beauty to any setting. I have been a harpist for over 20 years, having taken lessons for 11 years in Switzerland, where I grew up.
I am also an accomplished singer and have written many songs, including love songs in French and in English. The songs are very popular as items during wedding ceremonies.
I have a repertoire of classical pieces, contemporary love songs and I particularly enjoy playing Celtic music as well as my own compositions. With enough advance notice, I can learn a particular piece you might like me to play, if it is suited for the harp.
I like to offer personalised service and tailor my performance to my clients’ preferences and personalities. To help you make an informed decision as to what music to choose for your wedding, I will gladly receive you into my home for a visit to help you decide whether or not the harp is the perfect choice for you.”