Based: Johannesburg

David Wilkinson, American Citizen and devoted South African resident for 6 years, is a renowned international speaker and consultant in the realms of government, business, non-profit and education. After receiving his B.A and a M.A., he pursued avenues in developing curriculum and training executives regarding exponential and visionary leadership principles. His courses have impacted leaders on every continent of the world.

Career objectives have encompassed a plethora of multi-media avenues for the direct and indirect forms of communication to leaders globally. This includes, but is not limited to:

In Person: Extensive travel and training experience including Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the US.
Radio: Live and taped broadcast training with over sixty-three stations that included coverage in fifteen states and ten countries.
Television/Simulcast/Cable Networks: Live and taped interviews, executive coaching and leadership guidance broadcasted across the US and to over one hundred and twenty countries.
Printed Materials/ Tapes/ CD/ VHS/ DVD: Direct and indirect influence on produced curriculum and its exposure globally.

David has personally launched 22 multi-national companies, with up to R300m generated revenue and 20% net profit successes.

Having trained Fortune 500 Executives at the Global Automotive Conference and spoken at an International Academic Conference where he presented 7 major papers he brings both the theoretical and the practical together with an innovative flare. His 17 years’ experience as a speaker to millions across the world has given him the unique experience as a motivational speaker who can also develop and market creative seminars and courses.

David has spearheaded such ground breaking initiatives as the planting of ½ million gardens which raised millions of dollars for poverty alleviation.

He has impacted leaders of nations, including pre-eminent kings and ministers in Southern African countries and is the author of thousands of pre-published sales of the incredible entrepreneurial book ‘Creating Momentum in your Sphere of Influence: Becoming An Entrepreneurial Vortex’.


Motivational Speaking Topics

1. Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence Motivational Topics: (random)

Creating Momentum in Your Sphere of Influence.
What is momentum, how do you create and maintain it? How does “your sphere of influence” affect your momentum and how do these two aspects aid you in becoming an Entrepreneurial Vortex and in moving your business forward?

A Hidden Untapped Asset: Building Strategic Loyalty.
How can an entrepreneur attract loyal partners, followers and customers? What are the two largest stumbling blocks of an individual seeking to become loyal? Why should an entrepreneur test others and their capacity for loyalty?
After discovering these answers for yourself you will be able to see the level of loyalty in others.

A Killer Positive Mindset: Murdering a Start-up through Over Exaggerated Enthusiasm.
Excitement is the key to short term success especially in the beginning phases of a new project, product/service or company. Understanding how to harness this power rather than allowing it to lead is essential. Without excitement momentum will not be generated, but too much can sabotage wisdom and cause failure. In this presentation David shares the following concepts:
1. What are the four motivators behind most entrepreneurs‟ excitement?
2. How can an entrepreneur develop healthy protocols and protect their momentum?
3. What is the method to defeat the Tempting Forks of Ambiguity?

A Religious Poverty Mentality: Protecting Your Finances from Manipulators.
How exciting! You have struggled through the first couple of years launching your product/service and finally you are able to make a large net profit! You purchase your dream vehicle, a mansion and have plenty of excess in your company and personal bank account. Then the wolves come out.
In this presentation we look at protecting you from financial manipulators.

A Synergistic Profitable Alliance: Partnering Your Company with Motivators.
Synergy is a key element when seeking to find the correct partner. Having a partner in business can exponentially grow your organization in astounding ways.
In this presentation we explore what the five conflict styles are and how to you use them effectively. What some of the main Exponential Growth principles are and how do you find the correct organizational partner?

A Unique Legal Entrapment: Monopolizing Secrets to Capture Your Customers.
There are numerous global conglomerates that have learned that secrets of capturing customers. Using the principle of entrapment, they specifically choose products and services that will develop into a need or want in their customers. What are these secrets and principles and how can you use them today? By the end of this presentation, you should be motivated to use your creativity to formulate new plans how to market your products and services to those in the general public who want and need what your company has to offer.

A Dominant, Aggressive Authority: Taking Ownership of Your Sphere of Influence.
When an entrepreneur takes their full authority over their entire sphere of influence there is no blaming of others or circumstances if they miss their target. They learn how to rule over their own organization in a manner that is filled with a dominant service to others.
Are you taking full responsibility, ownership and authority over your dominion?
The greater your understanding about the terms used for taking complete ownership over your sphere of influence the more effective you will become in ruling over it. Your organization is the place whereby you can directly control the results.

2. Personality Effectiveness Motivational Topics: (in order)

Part I: Personalities, Relationships & Action.
This is a foundational session whereby DISC personalities are explained. This information will assist your organisation by creating unity, understand others and grow the business.

Part II: Personalities, Management & Leadership.
Managers or leaders interact with processes and people on a daily basis. Understanding various personality types will help you lead or manage an effective organisation. Followers (employees) need to be internally and externally motivated. This session will clarify how to utilize these principles.

Part III: Personalities, Marketing & Sales.
Many individuals in marketing and sales miss their quotas because they don‟t understand their customers. In this session we will target the four felt needs and sell to the four real needs of all four personality types of your customers. This will decrease the amount of time and efforts used in your marketing strategy and increase your net profit.

Part IV: Personalities, Conflict & Solutions.
As long as you work with people you will encounter conflict. Utilising the five conflict styles you will decrease employee frustrations and increase follower motivation and productivity.

3. Dynamic Door-Keypers: Screening in Your Corporate for e10 (exponential growth).

By being successful in your role of supporting and protecting, you will assist your manager or leader in becoming more productive. Learn how to be discerning in your question asking to screen possible „time-wasters‟.

4. Shattering the 80/20 Principle: Strategic Reprioritization.

Most individuals have heard about the 80/20 rule, but do not understand how to apply it in their personal and professional lives. There are seven methods used to decrease 80% of the inefficiencies in your life in order to produce higher results. You can achieve your desired results by focusing on the 20% in any area to produce 80% of the results. This takes self-discipline and the relentless cancelling of distractions. Becoming wealthy is not accidental!
5. Provocative Conflict: Instigating Productive Conflict in Your Company.

You do not need to have drama to grow, you need opportunities. Creating mental conflict produces extraordinary results. How does employee conflict demotivate, demoralise and cause a back-door for your employees to leave? Would you like to be the bench mark organisation in your field? This presentation shows you how.

6. How Networking Can Make Your Business Millions!

Most organizations believe in networking, but do not have this vital component in their yearly strategy. In this dynamic presentation you will learn:
1. How to convert meetings into money?
2. Develop a yearly networking strategy?
3. How to maximize your business model?
If you believe networking is a waste of time you have not found your Domino Effect Individual.

7. Rebuilding the Organizational Climate and Culture after a Major Crisis.

A typical organisation will have at least a yearly crisis. This trauma will influence the climate and maybe even impact the culture. This is a perfect seed bed needed to rise up either a tyrant or catalyst.
How can an organisation move forward together, recover and build a new climate and culture that the employees need and customers want.