Based: Cape Town

After the successful Everything double cd release, Craig De Sousa turned his attention to focusing on his dance group the Iridium Project and has enjoyed radio success with chart topping hits like “Lu’s Control” and “Which Way To Go”. The group toured SA extensively and even made it as far as Russia.
All this time he has secretly been plotting his 7th DJ mix. Craig has always wanted to create an annual concept but up until now has not found a record label brave enough to trust his foresight. So with the birth of Autograph a brand new label founded by fellow DJ Coco Loco, the time was finally right to introduce Audio Flux, the 1st release on Autograph.

By definition Audio Flux is the amount of audio that flows through a unit area. So aptly named 2009 is the first year in this series of annuals. Craig’s aim is to capture the greatest moments of each  year in a live DJ mix, pioneering the new territory of dance and introducing the latest trends and genres to his fans.

2009 has been a very inspiring year and the music has been more cutting edge but stronger than ever before. The influence Techno has had on House music over the years was evident this year, spawning genres such as Tech House, Minimal and Deep Tech. There was also a return to recreating Classic House in a more modern context. SA House is still a force to be reckoned with and can not be ignored with our proudly SA producers and acts breaking the international territory.

Iridium Projects latest single “Show My Love” featuring the unstoppable RJ Benjamin gets this years mix off to a cracking start. This SA House Funk bad boy includes crazy bass lines from The Passion and sax solo’s from non other than Dan Shout. This is sure to chart all local radio stations as have the previous Iridium Project singles.

Another hit for the year had to be Miami K’s “Insatiable,” which pays tribute to the Murk, Oscar G, Classic House style. A powerful female vocal with catchy ’90’s synth lines, gets the hips swinging every time.

On every album Craig has his floor killer. On Deeper Sounds vol.2 it was “The Creeps!” This year he will sweep you off your feet with one of Joris Voorn’s best tracks yet, “Klack.” Get ready to hum this hook all day as only brain surgery can remove it from your head.

Craig takes pride in researching the latest technology and improvements in the field of Djing. This mix was done in his studio using 2 Techniques SL1200 MK5G, 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3, Pioneer DJM800 Mixer, Serato SL3 and the MacBook Pro. This combination allows Craig to keep his passion for vinyl alive, now using the decks as controllers for Serato. The mix was done in one take using all 4 decks and the mixers onboard fx to bring the best out in his mad trickery but still keeping the human element there.

As always Craig will be touring this release all around the country, with what promises to be an amazing summer of fun. For more information on the tour go to his brand new site.