Based: Cape Town

Bottomless Coffee Band consists of two multi-instrumentalists – Lourens and Esté Rabé – who produce a unique sound and performance.

It came together in August 2010 when they were two young students dreaming of life in the music industry. Today, they’re not only partners in music, but also in marriage and they continue to pursue that dream.

Their style is a combination of acoustic folk rock and afro-blues. They call it gourmet music. It describes their vision for their music: to produce an organic sound that’s true to them. They believe that being part of the music industry is a calling. It’s like a gift from above, given to pursue and to inspire. Therefore they use their music to inspire good times, hope, love and change.

They play eight instruments between the two of them, which means they can create the sound of a full band. Their instruments include the foot drums, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, acoustic bass, accordion, ukulele, harmonica and various percussion instruments.