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Based: Johannesburg

TheBounce was started by Ben Karpinski back in December 2009.  Ben’s mission was to simply provide fresh and original content for sports fans in South Africa and beyond.

With content covering a variety of things pertaining to a sports life, he picked up numerous awards and accolades along the way, and has since branched off into various related roles such as: freelance sports writing, MC work and offering sports related content campaigns for brands. Most notably his role as the sports guy on Gareth Cliff’s morning show on provided the freedom to air his sporting views and ‘insights’.

Now more focused on the business side of sport, Ben co-founded the Retroactive Sports Agency with Bryan Habana and Mike Sharman. And further to that he and the Retroactive team launched the MatchKit sports platform where he functions as the head of content and athlete affairs.

Ben hopes to one day live in a South Africa where DJ Otzi is never ever ever played at live sports.