Based: Cape Town

Ben Badenhorst is a multi-talented musician who has been involved in the music industry for over twenty years. He is as a world class composer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, drum programmer and sound producer.

Ben started playing music at the age of five and at the age of 12 he landed his first gig. He is self-taught,  playing six different instruments skilfully and he also sings. He is not genre specific, but mostly his style encompasses broad musical areas, including Maskanda, Jazz, Progressive Rock, Indian Classical, Avant Garde, Middle Eastern and Fusion.

He focuses on producing sound that appeals to the spirit as opposed to commercial “hits”. His ideal performance takes place when the interaction between the performer and those who appreciate the art – feel connected by the music. He prefers music that has a universal appeal and timeless quality.

Ben has collaborated with many well-known South African musicians, such as Offshore Jazz Ensemble, Steve Newman, Anton Goosen, Wendy Oldfield, Mynie Grove, Andrew James, The Jazz Reggae Project, Jamie Jupiter, Heather Waters, The Sons of Azania, Zolani Faku, Tristan Waterkeyn,  Shomon Daniel, Chris Tokalon, The Gaia Collective, Meri Kenaz , to name a few.

In an age where the focus is often on instant gratification and many “ears” are satisfied with the banal – Ben’s single- minded dedication to his art is admirable. He desires to be able to make a comfortable living out of his music by collaborating with more skilled and dedicated musicians.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Ben live, then it’s time you did – you won’t be disappointed!

Most Recent performances:

September 2018 – Mainline performance at the finish line for the Buco Lions Karoo to Coast Mountain Bike Challenge – audience of 15 000 people – Knysna High School Field – Sunday 23rd September.

Use of Ben’s music for the television production of this event. Footage available upon request.

October 2018  Cape Town International Film Festival opening function.