Based : Malawi

Blantyre based artist BarryOne who has had his name on the scene for a very long time still being recognized as one of the best out there. Most know him from the collaborations he has had with some of the local artists.

His raps and word play have evolved from the 90’s till now and he is still flexible and able to fit in as far as change and diversity is concerned.

He has worked with the greatest producer ever known as Dynamike at the time he met The Strategy and he really has had an impact on the industry itself.

TIONANA BarryOne’s first release was Tionana in 2007 which was on a gospel tip and had Dynamike as a lead producer. Qoedesh also well known as Wisdom Chitedze had his touch to spice up the album.

Collaborating artists on the album were Dynamike; Qoedesh; The Basement; Khama from Christ Melodies; Wes P; Miyanda and Simalike. It was a fifteen track album which had the most important message ever one would need in life, The WORD of GOD. Unfortunately this album was never distributed due to time management as well BarryOne was a one man team. It was not easy for him to run several projects at a time. But some managed to have the album for a couple of copies were sold. THE LEGENDARY It has taken BarryOne 3 more years to go back in the studio and cook some beats.

He met Pempho Kafoteka well known as P on the board who has been the manager on this project. He also met Sonyezo Kandoje well known as DJ Sonye through Pempho. But apart from these two, Brian “God’s Fav” Nkata is the lead producer on this project. All these people have teamed up to make the best album ever so that it should be diverse as well as appealing for the people’s sake.

Legendary promises surprises as well good music not just rap as in lyricism and skill. Collaborating artists are Maskal; Eleanor Kamthuzi; Randy Junior; Cyclone; Theo Thomson; Kaspur; Khama; Shawishe; Aimor from the Nameless, Progain, Tisu, Tigris and Young Kay. Other producers who also spice up the album are Dynamike, Dj Sonye and Sean Loc. Discography 2006 –Tionana (Premium recording-Dynamike) 2010 – Legendary (Timve Media Group/Rush Records Release) BarryOne has also worked with some of the following artists: Shawishe; Eleanor Kamthuzi Jinx Nameless Incyt; Cyclone (Basement) Kaspur Biriwiri Dj Sonye Angela Mizinga aka Tigris, Theo Thomson, Maskal, Randy Junior, Abner Progain Khama(Christ Melodies) Dynamike, Wisdom Chitedze aka Qoedesh, Tisu Habakkuk aka Japhet Khungwa The Basement, Young Kay, Tay Grin, Manyanda, Aphofomoka, Peter Sambo, Purpose/ Prayer aka Tanaposi, Masavage, Vee, Sean Loc, Sannie Beatz.