Based: Johannesburg

Bang Bang is a vibrant electric string duo based in Johannesburg. With a wide variety of repertoire, from classical infused hip-hop tracks to retro funk and disco covers, Bang Bang is the perfect addition to any corporate event.

Davina Gordon and Louise Parker have frequented the corporate entertainment scene in various projects for the past 10 years, and have joined forces to form this vibrant new project.

BangBang are two B.Mus graduates that can’t be put into the classical box. Individually, they performed all over the world and at major event including the SAMA Awards, Nedbank Million Dollar gold challenge and Castle Light Unlocks Chance the Rapper.

The duo shares a passion for old school hip hop, jazz and the punchy string arrangements of the disco era.

BangBang have an extensive repertoire ranging from Vivaldi to Nancy Sinatra to Earth, Wind & Fire, infused and reworked with clay, chic hip hop beats.

Their arrangements of tunes can get a party started as easily as it can create an upbeat and festive atmosphere for arrival drinks.