Motivational. Inspirational

Based: Cape Town

Since 2011  Annette has addressed  hundreds of separate audiences across three continents.  While her talks reach audiences across a broad social spectrum,  80% were business men and women in the upper management level. Annette inspires at women’s breakfasts, encourages top management to even greater heights over tea, paints imaginary pictures of the world at gala dinner events and encourages young adults to open their minds to the possibilities the world offers.

After a year long solo drive once around the USA – a journey that will form the basis for her next book – she is back in South Africa writing the book, ‘Searching for Galileo’ and is currently accepting invitations for speaking engagements in South Africa.

Both the book and her talks will  explore our thinking about the most important topics of our age. Energy, Environment, Economy, Genetics and Gender.  Annette intends to challenge our thinking about each of these topics, in an attempt, not just to visualize, but to develop a workable plan to reach a more  equitable and harmonious future.

A creative exploration of alternative thinking. When asked ; why, after six years on the road, she is still happy to give up the comforts of a ‘normal’ life, Annette replies “I have not been bitten by a travel bug , but rather by a knowledge bug.”  Her journey  centered on expanding her knowledge, as she interviewed alternative thinkers who seek to improve our prospects for a clean, efficient, equitable future.

Annette’s goal, as always, is to be involved in life at every level. To ‘see’ for herself; to share what she’s seen; to encourage others to open their minds by using all of the talents she can summon to make a difference. She is not a critic, but a facilitator… a purveyor of possibility. She is not about dividing – but about unifying the one single world we all share together. There are billions of us in this world.  She is about what we do; what we share; the needs that unite us… and how we can go higher than we have ever gone before simply by serving each other.