Sales. Motivational

Based: International

Originally a professional buyer for a medical company, it was here that Andy Preston learnt first-hand how most sales people ‘count themselves out’ of winning deals. He was often shocked by how poor sales approaches were, either on the phone trying to get an appointment, or face-to-face trying to get agreement to purchase goods or services. He then switched sides…..

After his interactions with salespeople (and what they did wrong) he knew that he could make an impact in a sales role. Nothing to do with the fact that sales jobs were advertised with a higher salary, with a car, a phone and expenses!

He chose to work in the most commoditised industry in the world – printing and office supplies sales.   His job was 100% new business – originally cold calling over the phone, then he was ‘promoted’ to cold calling, face-to-face. 60 doors per day. 4 days per week. On Friday, he had to ring the 240 people he had already met that week and convince them to change their provider – even though his company was more expensive!

It was tough. Very tough. It was almost impossible to stand out from 150+ competitors selling exactly the same thing – he still managed to became the top salesperson in the country!

Since 2004 Andy Preston has been training, coaching and consulting. He has worked with over 90,000 people in 25 countries with companies like IBM, American Express, FedEx, Nissan and Rackspace