Based: Cape Town

‘ALMOST FAMOUS’ is a funky, dynamic, slick and extremely well polished professional 5-piece outfit from Cape Town. Their diverse and well thought out repertoire is currently creating quite a stir in the Western Cape’s corporate market. The bands motto ‘let us entertain you’ stands true when you watch and ‘party’ to this fun loving and energetic act exploding into action.

‘ALMOST FAMOUS’ focuses exclusively on performing at corporate functions product launches, conferences and special functions including weddings and birthday parties. Their chemistry and presence on stage is unstoppable and comes alive as they take their audiences down memory lane performing all the well-known party hits from past to present. With a very versatile repertoire consisting of songs from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s 90’s as well as some current hits there is something for everyone to enjoy.

All the musicians that make up ‘ALMOST FAMOUS’ have many years of experience in the music industry and are dedicated to their art form and love entertaining their clients with a very ‘tight’ and visually vibrant show. The band always has fun on stage and their passion for interacting with their audiences is always evident as they embark on a musical journey through time, which always tends to leave the pumped up crowds chanting for more!

Almost Famous has been in existence now for over 7 years and have played to over 150 Corporates both locally, nationally and internationally. The band was recently invited to perform for a New Years Eve celebration event at the Carlton Ritz Hotel in Dubai, and has also performed for the King of Swaziland. 2010 will see the band travelling and performing at more international functions as they have been invited to perform in the UK, Namibia and Canada. In late 2012 Almost Famous performed at Grand West Arena for the Herbalife international conference

The band comprises of Tauna ‘FIRE’ Collier and Barbara Lindesay on lead vocals, Sean Dunn on Bass, Charles Knighton Pullin on lead guitars and Sean Nunan on drums. The powerful vocal duo of Tauna and Barbara has tremendous charisma and style. Their voices compliment each other so well while sharing the lead vocals in the songs, especially when performing duets. Their harmonies are strong and they have a great vibe, which audiences relate too, and they project an incredible energy on stage.

The Sean’s and Charles provide the driving rhythm section for the band. All three are extremely seasoned musicians on their instruments and it shines through.  Sean’s impeccable timing and energetic drumming combined with Charles’ melodic solos and fiery guitar riffs together with Sean’s solid bass grooves and the band’s powerful backtracks complete this ‘in your face’ star studded line up.